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Uyayi ng Himagsik by George T. Calaor

UPDATE:  George T. Calaor's first book of poetry, Uyayi ng Himagsik, is now available in several formats and ebook shops.  Here are your options:

1. Print Edition at Lulu (Perfect Bound Paperback, B/W): BUY THE BOOK HERE
2. Uyayi ng Himagsik at Smashwords
3. Uyayi ng Himagsik at Barnes and Noble
4. Uyayi ng Himagsik at Sony Reader Store

My friend, George, recently published his first book of poetry, Uyayi ng Himagsik.  It was a compilation of his most militant poems about the "struggle of the Filipino masses for freedom and democracy."
Clearly, it was a revolutionary book.  I will write a comprehensive review on Uyayi ng Himagsik and will publish it here. (See the first chapter review, Paghehele ng Isang Makata: Pagsusuri sa Uyayi ng Himagsik)

Forced Haircut in Schools is Corporal Punishment

Forced Haircut in Schools is Corporal Punishment
(Why This Policy Is Unjust and Violates Basic Child Rights)

Valencia City, BUKIDNON.  The Department of Education (DepEd) has a long-standing policy that governs good grooming. This includes prescribing a so-called proper haircut for male pupils in both private and public schools.  According to Undersecretary Yolanda Quijano, “the prescribed haircut for boys is at least one inch above the ear and three inches above the collar line.” Schools under the supervision of DepEd are required to follow such standard.

Unfortunately, this “haircut policy” has no clear implementing guidelines.  As a general practice, school principals and administrators have the authority to define their own sets of rules on how to implement the policy, including the enforcement of disciplinary actions on erring pupils.