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Breaking Promises

Breaking a promise leaves a bad taste in the mouth. But there is something about a promise that makes us want to break it. I bet everyone has broken a promise at least once in their lives.

Three days ago I made a promise to write at least 100 words a day on this blog. Yesterday, I broke that promise. And it left a very unsavory feeling inside me.

I remember a Danish proverb about eggs and promises. It says that both are easy to break. Hannah Arendt once said that making promises is a uniquely human act. It allows us to order our future.

Unfortunately, humans are supposedly predisposed to break a promise. Take it from the great author and humanist Mark Twain. Somewhere in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, he contemplated about this uniquely human flaw: that when someone promised not to do a thing, it is actually the surest way for that someone to do that thing.

Well, enough of promises. I guess we just have to stop making them and start doing what we ought to do.

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Writing to Satisfy

There are times when the urge to write may feel like an itch on the groin that demands scratching.

It must be scratched – whenever, wherever. The urge must be satisfied.

Sometimes, the act of writing may seem primal; a kind of aphrodisiac that brings satisfaction to the senses.

And after everything in the mind has been said and written, the writer will lay spent, exhausted even. But the exhaustion would be tantalizing. It approximates the consumation of an orgasmic event.

Well, these may seem too exaggerated. Thoughts that are products only of a naughty imagination.

But they are real. The feelings can be felt. The urge quenched. But not quite, because after a while, a new arousal will emerge. It will demand attention. And it must be satisfied…

(This was first posted at, a blog I intend to abandon.)