Sunday, October 26, 2008

Space for the Ramblings in My Head

Well, here I am again, creating another weblog. I already have several weblogs. Some I created long ago I already forgot their passwords.

I hope this one will last.  I don't know yet what will I do with this blog.  Well, I want this to be my own personal space in a really public place.

I am Jay Pascual. I work as a freelance web content writer. It sounds good but overtime, writing web content dulls the mind.  Before writing for the web, I consider myself a poet.

I compose poems, I write essays, and I ramble. When I started writing for the web, I forgot my literary skills.  I cannot even compose a single free verse anymore.

Maybe keywording has done its tricks on me. The longer you write for dumb people, the deeper your dumbness will be.

Now I know what will I do with this blog.  I can use this as therapeutic tool.

For some time now I want to write for myself. I want to write my thoughts, I want to write my feelings, I want to feel how to write again.

I hope this blog would help me do this. I want to capture again the essence of words. I want to taste the sweet lines of poetry.

Maybe this blog could help me. Then again maybe not. Maybe this post could start an avalanche of words. Then again, this could be my first... and last post.  Just like my other blogs who died an unnatural death due to neglect.

I don't expect people to read this blog.  But you are welcome to read it.  Besides, this is my personal blog and I don't care if you read this or not.  I just want a space to vent my thoughts.

I just want a space for the ramblings in my head...

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