Monday, May 18, 2009

My Son: The Aspiring Photo Artist

Img00096 My son's name is Kahlil Ross. I named him after my favorite poet Kahlil Gibran.  The Ross was derived from his grandfather's name, Rosello.  So he became Kahlil Ross.

Last Christmas, Kahlil got an MP5 from his Tita Mia, who works in Florida.  His new toy is a combo game console, MP3 player, MiniDV, and a 10-megapixel digicam.

At first, Kahlil was fascinated by the built-in games of his MP5. He calls it "PSP" but it was far from that expensive gaming console. 

Then he discovered the camera features of his toy.  He immediately went amok shooting everything in his path.  Well I hope he can sustain his shooting-spree passion.  By the way, here are some of the pictures he took while running gung-ho with his toy-cam.






More on his pictures in my future posts. :-)