Thursday, July 8, 2010

They Keep on Getting Richer and "Ettang Ina"

I get rich each month, around several K's, when my freelance pay day arrives. Unfortunately, I also get negative balance sheet after paying my bills. Month after month, my poverty level increases as the cost of living normally overtakes what I earn.

Not so for the Filipino-Chinese billionaires and a lone meztizo.  It seems these tycoons are immune to the economic crisis.  According to Forbes Asia, the net worth of the 40 richest Filipinos soared by 39% in 2010.  This translates to around $22.8 billion. (see: Newsbreak)

In contrast, the poverty incidence in the Philippines spiked by 1.5%. This was the estimate of IMF. It means some 1.4 million Pinoys will be joining the merry ranks of the poor and the dirt poor. 

Talk about the rich getting richer while the poor gets, well, really dirt poor.

This news item really unmade my day: "Ex-partylist Representative May Head CHR". Ettangina naman oo, these Akbayan stalwarts were the first to echo the military line that activists were being killed because they are refusing to denounce the NPA. Such line of thought assumes that it is alright to eliminate personages of the legal left simply because they are ideologically aligned with the National Democratic forces.

As one Facebooker said: "If this pushes through we can rename the CHR as Commission on Human Rectum".