Photos of Bukidnon

I recently scraped some photos of Valencia City and other places in Bukidnon at WikiMedia Commons.  Thanks to KleoMarlo who took these pictures.

Anyway, my story is this.  The photos of KleoMarlo are the same places I frequent.  Because I'm too preoccupied thinking about my (monkey) businesses, I seldom pay attention to these sites.

When I saw these pictures, I told myself I'll always bring my cam from now on so I can also capture the beauty of this province.  Well, here are the photos, I hope you'll like them:


This is the Alalum Falls in Sumilao, Bukidnon.  When you travel to Cagayan de Oro from Bukidnon, this falls can be seen as you traverse the national highway.


This is Musuan Peak in Maramag, Bukidnon. This mountain is very near our place, about a few kilometers away.  We can clearly see it from our house. 

This is also an active volcano so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  My son once asked if we can go hiking to Musuan. I doubt if I still have the energy to trek mountain trails. Maybe someday...


This is Valencia City Public Market. Did you notice the Durian? It's aplenty here.  I got the courage to taste it 2 days ago and it nearly knocked me off.

I wonder why they called it Food of the Gods.  I like the Durian candies though but spare me from the fresh ones.



This is the Pulanggui River in Valencia City.  It is one of the biggest river systems in the province. I only see it from afar. Maybe someday I could take time to swim here.


This is Sayre Highway in Valencia City viewed from an overpass. Did you notice the tree lined streets? Well, that is a common sight in Valencia. 

More photos soon. And it will be my own rendition.  I just hope I can still squeeze my photographic juices. ;-)

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