The January 26 Confrontation

The January 26 Confrontation « The First Quarter Storm Library : Here is a stirring account of the turbulent nights and days of the First Quarter Storm of 1970.  On Jan 26 (that's tomorrow), the 40th year of the FQS will be commemorated.

To commemorate this historic event, The First Quarter Storm Library will also be launched on that day.  Actually, the Library is now online at

I only read about the First Quarter Storm on Jose F. Lacaba's book, Days of Disquiet, Nights of Rage.  The creation of an online library that chronicles the events of the FQS is a welcome development. 

Kudos to Mr. PT Martin who pioneered this project.  Now, the younger generation will know and will not forget what happened during those turbulent days that defined the future of the Philippines as a nation.

Here is an excerpt from The First Quarter Storm Library taken from an article by Jose F. Lacaba which was published in the Philippine Free Press on February 7, 1970:

The khaki contingent broke into a run. The demonstrators fled in all directions, each man for himself. Some merely stepped aside, hugging the Congress walls, clustering around trees. The cops at this time went only after those who ran, bypassing all who stood still. Three cops cornered one demonstrator against a traffic sign and clubbed him until the signpost gave way and fell with a crash. One cop caught up with a demonstrator and grabbed him by the collar, but the demonstrator wriggled free of his shirt and made a new dash for freedom in his undershirt. One cop lost his quarry near the golf course and found himself surrounded by other demonstrators; they didn’t touch him—“Nag-iisa ‘yan, pabayaan n’yo”—but they taunted him mercilessly. This was a Metrocom cop, not an unarmed trainee, and finding himself surrounded by laughing sneering faces, he drew his .45 in anger, his eyes flashing, his teeth bared. He kept his gun pointed to the ground, however, and the laughter and sneers continued until he backed off slowly, trying to maintain whatever remaining dignity he could muster.

Please visit The First Quarter Storm Library at

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